Weidner Apartment Homes, recognized as the 15th largest apartment owner in the United States and a key real estate investor in Alaska, has emerged as an early public supporter of Catholic Social Services’ (CSS) innovative Complex Care Shelter. This initiative aims to combat homelessness in Anchorage by providing targeted support and services.

The Complex Care Shelter represents a vital resource for Anchorage’s community, offering up to 83 elderly or medically fragile adults who are homeless the opportunity to secure permanent housing. The facility is designed to meet the specific needs of its high-risk guests through a comprehensive suite of supportive services and case management, enabling them to achieve stability and improve their quality of life.

Recent performance reports from Complex Care in 2023 highlight the shelter’s significant impact on addressing homelessness within the city. Out of 219 shelter guests, an impressive 80% engaged in developing a case plan during their stay, a crucial step towards long-term stability. Remarkably, 94 out of the 241 guests who were discharged have successfully transitioned into stable housing. These achievements not only underscore the effectiveness of the Complex Care Shelter’s approach but also mark a notable success rate that exceeds Alaska’s 2021 average shelter graduation rate by 25.5%.

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