On Friday in Juneau, Southeast Alaska, a dedicated task force conducted raids on two homes, uncovering a substantial haul of illegal substances and firearms, with an estimated value exceeding $341,000. This intervention led to the apprehension of five individuals, now facing serious charges related to drug possession and firearm offenses. The operation, spearheaded by the Southeast Alaska Cities Against Drugs (SEACAD) task force, involved executing search warrants at locations on Seward Street downtown and Windfall Avenue, the latter being situated approximately 10 miles from the city center along Mendenhall Loop Road.

The raids resulted in the seizure of approximately 17,000 fentanyl pills, 94 grams of methamphetamine, a small amount of fentanyl powder, three grams of cocaine, $23,000 in cash, and an assortment of firearms including three pistols, one AR-15 pistol, and parts of an AK-47 rifle. During the operation at the Windfall Avenue address, officers encountered Shane Michael Hart, 36, who attempted to evade arrest by retreating into the residence and barricading himself inside. Hart, along with Mekena Lee Wutzke, 29, another resident of the area, was subsequently arrested under undisclosed circumstances.

The operation extended to the Seward Street location, where Andrew Cousins, 63, and Tina Renee Cousins, 55, were detained outside their vehicle, a Toyota Sienna. Additionally, Deeann Marie Hanson, 56, was arrested in the downtown area and identified as a resident of the Windfall Avenue home. All suspects were transported to the Lemon Creek Correction Center, facing various charges including misconduct involving controlled substances and weapons, all of which are felonies.

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