A frightening ordeal unfolded at Raleigh-Durham International Airport this week after a dog named Moose became separated from his owner due to a “misstep in the loading process” with Alaska Airlines.

The incident began on March 26th when Moose was supposed to fly with his owner to Seattle. However, the dog did not make it on the original flight and remained at the airport overnight. The next day, while being prepped for a new flight, Moose slipped out of his collar and bolted from his handlers.

Airport staff and law enforcement launched a search for Moose, with officers even spotted chasing him on the taxiway. Thankfully, the chase did not disrupt any flights. The owner, who had already flown on to Seattle, was flown back to North Carolina by Alaska Airlines to aid in the search.

After two days, Moose was finally found safe and sound by the airport’s fire rescue team. The emotional reunion between Moose and his owner took place on March 28th.

Alaska Airlines covers pet transportation in their climate-controlled baggage compartments, but all pets must travel on the same flight as their owners. The airline offers pet transport for a fee and allows a variety of domesticated animals.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of following airline pet travel guidelines and ensuring proper communication to avoid such stressful situations.

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