Sitka Jazz Week is a prominent event designed for jazz enthusiasts of all levels, ranging from beginners to experienced musicians, including professional performers and educators. This seven-day program is celebrated for its intensive nature, focusing on deep immersion into the world of jazz. The aim is to significantly enhance participants’ abilities to play jazz, fostering not just skill improvement but also ensuring they have a delightful experience doing so. It’s an opportunity open to individuals of all ages, offering a nurturing environment that promises a transformative journey through the realms of jazz music.

Sitka Jazz Week 2024 Overview

This year, Sitka Jazz Week promises an even more enriching experience, set to take place from August 25th, with arrivals marking the beginning of the week, until September 1st, when participants will depart. The event is structured to be a jazz-intensive week, where every day is filled with live performances. A unique aspect of this year’s event is that every participant will have the opportunity to perform, making it an incredibly hands-on experience.

The tuition fee for the week is $750, which covers all instruction, along with breakfasts and lunches, providing great value for the immersive experience on offer. It’s important to note that lodging costs are to be borne by the participants, allowing them to choose accommodations that best fit their preferences and budgets.

World-Class Instructors

A highlight of the Sitka Jazz Week is the caliber of its instructors. This year, participants will have the privilege to learn from world-class musicians who bring a wealth of real-world jazz experience. The lineup includes:

  • Bernard “Pretty” Purdie: Known for his impeccable timing and infectious grooves, Purdie is a legend in the jazz world.
  • Matt King: A renowned pianist who brings a depth of knowledge and a passionate approach to teaching.
  • Cleave Guyton Jr: An exceptional reed player, known for his versatility and expressive playing.
  • Christian Fabian: A master bassist who combines technical prowess with deep musicality.
  • Heather Gluth: A talented vocalist who shares insights into jazz singing with warmth and expertise.
  • Austin Hays Trio: Known for their dynamic performances, the trio will offer a contemporary take on jazz education.

Who Should Attend?

Sitka Jazz Week 2024 is designed for anyone with a passion for jazz, from those just beginning their musical journey to seasoned professionals seeking to deepen their expertise. It’s an inclusive event that promises a week of growth, learning, and joyous musical exploration, making it a must-attend for jazz musicians and educators alike.

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