In a significant development on Wednesday, authorities from the Alaska Department of Public Safety and State Troopers announced that Dustan Currier, a 44-year-old resident of Palo Cedro, California, has been charged with 48 counts of hunting and fishing violations. These charges come after an investigation into Currier’s activities over several years within Alaska, indicating a possible abuse of residency privileges for hunting and fishing.

The investigation into Currier’s actions started in August and remains active, with details still emerging. Among the allegations, Currier is accused of falsely claiming Alaska residency to obtain licenses for hunting and fishing, which are reserved for state residents.

On March 6, as part of the ongoing probe, Alaska Wildlife Troopers executed a search warrant at Currier’s properties in Fairbanks, including his home and aircraft hangar. During the search, they confiscated an aircraft registered to Currier, a CubCrafters Carbon Cub EX CCK-1865, valued between $200,000 to $300,000. The plane, registered to a P.O. Box in Fairbanks, is among the seized assets linked to the case.

Further actions saw officials from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife conducting simultaneous searches at Currier’s Palo Cedro residence. Currier, who owns 9.5 acres of land there, was found to have illegally taken 10 big game animals from Alaska. The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Officers also provided support in the investigation.

Currier faces a myriad of charges, including falsifying license applications, hunting without a license, and illegal possession and transportation of game. These violations span misdemeanors and non-criminal offenses, with potential penalties including jail time and hefty fines.

The charges underscore the stringent requirements for residency in Alaska for hunting and fishing privileges, which Currier allegedly failed to meet. His arraignment is scheduled for April 2 at the Fairbanks Courthouse, where further details of the case are expected to emerge.

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