In a recent development at Bartlett Regional Hospital, Bradley Grigg, the institution’s erstwhile Chief Behavioral Health Officer, entered a plea agreement after being charged with embezzling funds totaling $108,000. This resolution spares Grigg from incarceration, following his admission to a reduced charge of felony theft last month.

Grigg’s legal troubles began in 2022 when he was apprehended on two counts of first-degree theft. The City and Borough of Juneau’s probe into the matter revealed Grigg had submitted false travel expense claims and made unauthorized online purchases over a span of several years. Initially, these charges, denoting severe criminality, suggested a prison sentence of up to 20 years in total for Grigg.

The scandal surfaces following Grigg’s sudden departure from the hospital in 2021, a move that occurred mere hours after the resignation and subsequent dismissal of Rose Lawhorne, the hospital’s CEO at the time.

In a court hearing held in February, Grigg was handed a three-year prison sentence, with two years being suspended. Accounting for the period he spent under house arrest, Grigg was credited with a year, effectively placing him under supervised probation rather than behind bars.

Furthermore, the court mandated Grigg to reimburse $108,844, serving as restitution for the financial discrepancies unearthed during the investigation. This case underscores the ongoing efforts by authorities to uphold integrity within public institutions, ensuring accountability for those in positions of trust.

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