Capt. Vincent Jansen of Air Station Sitka noted that the Coast Guard frequently collaborates with other Coast Guard units as well as local, federal, and international partners to carry out challenging rescues in various environments, often under severe weather conditions.

Residents of Sitka likely noticed increased Coast Guard presence in the area over the past few days.

Air Station Sitka, the cutter Bailey Barco, and teams from several Air Force rescue squadrons, in collaboration with Sitka Mountain Rescue, recently completed a series of training exercises that lasted until May 2.

During these exercises, observers could spot a version of the Coast Guard’s HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter conducting flight operations above the sound.

The training included basic rescue demonstrations, specific search-and-rescue skill scenarios, and a joint mass casualty response exercise. There was satisfaction with the completed exercises, highlighting that they provided an excellent opportunity for the teams to learn from each other, integrate efforts, and enhance partnerships across organizations.

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