The Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association (ALFA) and the Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust (ASFT) are gearing up to host a unique Hybrid Fishermen’s Expo on April 24. Scheduled from 9AM to 5PM, this event aims to offer educational workshops and training sessions for both budding and seasoned fishermen, along with individuals interested in the fishing industry. The expo provides a flexible attendance option, allowing participants to join either virtually via Zoom or in person at the NRSAA Conference Room in Sitka.

This event is tailor-made for commercial and subsistence fishermen across all gear types, offering them a chance to partake in a series of free, interactive classes. The curriculum includes updates on the SEAK sablefish industry, introductions to new features and updates of the Deckhand Logbook, insights into ocean acidification, details about the ALFA crew training program, strategies for Fishery Friendly Climate Action, and highlights from AMSEA’s Project Gabe, among others. Esteemed presenters such as Rhea Ehresmann from ADF&G, NOAA’s Dan Goethel, Lange Solberg from Deckhand Logbook, Denise Damewood of Project Gabe, Darcy Dugan from the OA Network, Kinsey Brown of Fishery Friendly Climate Action, and Natalie Sattler and Eric Jordan from ALFA, will be sharing their expertise. Participants are encouraged to engage in as many sessions as possible and stand a chance to win raffle prizes.

For further details, individuals are invited to contact Natalie Sattler at or via phone at 907-738-1286. The full schedule and registration information are available on the ALFA website. Each presentation will allocate time for questions and interactive discussions.

This expo is a key initiative by ALFA and ASFT to furnish fishermen with essential resources and learning opportunities, with a special focus on those new to the industry. ALFA Executive Director Linda Behnken highlighted the importance of community and sponsor support in making these workshops accessible to the public at no charge.

Rooted in community and sustainability, ALFA represents a coalition of small-boat commercial fishermen committed to sustainable fisheries and the prosperity of coastal communities. Through involvement in research, advocacy, and conservation initiatives, ALFA works towards these goals. ASFT complements these efforts by focusing on the enhancement of fishing communities and marine resources through research, education, and economic opportunities.

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